Gainesville Competes for Okeechobee Spot

Ever wonder how bands make it big? You might hear people say you gotta have that inside connection or ya gotta "sell out" and write basic tunes to turn The Man a profit.  

The Magic of Boutique Gear

Lets talk gear for a sec. If you're a player (as in guitar player that is, not the owner of an El Camino riding on 26's) you might have heard the rave about the almost unexplainable magic of vintage pedals and amps. This credo has been the center piece of countless heated arguments, and to be ridiculously honest, my ears have mostly agreed with it. Yet every era reaches its end and each end forges a new beginning, and luckily for us, that time is now. 

The Event that Started it All

Wildcard Audio's very own Jared Anderson is responsible for starting a concert at The University of Florida's E-Week, a week dedicated to integrating the community of engineering students with the even larger body of students here at UF. 

The Gang Solves the Noise Crisis

There are two things local and Wildcard Audio founder Jared Anderson knows more than anybody about his Gainesville Community: $3 PBR tallboys, and the beautiful heartbeat of Downtown.