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Gainesville Competes for Okeechobee Spot

Jared Anderson - Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ever wonder how bands make it big? You might hear people say you gotta have that inside connection or ya gotta "sell out" and write basic tunes to turn The Man a profit.

Well I say it's all about you, the fan. It's that local gal going to shows and telling her friends all about this dope new band she heard at *insert downtown venue here*.  It's your willingness and genuine interest in listening to some truly great local tunes that propel bands to the next level.

Gainesville is special in that the talent pool of musicians is absurd, but it's the community that drives the music community to continue to innovate and throw some banging parties. 

Alright so now what? What can you as the fan do to give local bands the exposure they deserve? Vote for them to play Okeechobee! In any good Democracy it's the people's voice that drives decisions (current democracy omitted...), let's yours be heard!

3 Gainesville Bands are competing with 150 other bands to get a spot at Okeechobee. Check em out, listen to their tunes, and vote!

Choose wisely you only get one vote!

Retrolux -http://bit.ly/2BM57w8

Savants of Soul - http://bit.ly/2zbk6x3

Flipturn - http://bit.ly/2Bh7EgJ

Show em what ya got Gainesville!


The Magic of Boutique Gear

Jared Anderson - Thursday, August 31, 2017

Lets talk gear for a sec. If you're a player (as in guitar player that is, not the owner of an El Camino riding on 26's) you might have heard the rave about the almost unexplainable magic of vintage pedals and amps. This credo has been the center piece of countless heated arguments, and to be ridiculously honest, my ears have mostly agreed with it. Yet every era reaches its end and each end forges a new beginning, and luckily for us, that time is now.

We are basically drowning in a giant wave of new gear that outputs juicy tones covered in astonishingly good looking cases freckled in exquisite custom knobs and boy it's almost impossible to resist giving up that hard earned cash. Fortunately, as vast as this wave is, it can be summed up with a single word: Boutique.

So what is boutique gear and what should you expect from it? Well this may vary from builder to builder, but some constants need to exist to bear this prideful tag of awesomeness, like low volume productions (sometimes entirely hand made examples), the usage of premium components (some even manufactured in-house), and most importantly an insane amount of detail, pride, and dedication being poured into every aspect of envisioning, designing, and ultimately creating these machines. In other words, it should exude quality and make you wear that stupid smile you make when you hear the term 'true bypass'. Look at it this way, if you were to put a classic run-of-the-mill Boss pedal (no offense) next to one made from EarthQuaker Devices, you would instantly see the difference. If you were to hold them, you would feel the difference. And if you were to listen to them side-by-side, you could possibly run into rent-money problems.

To me though, what feels truly special about today's craze for boutique anything has to do with consumer absorption. Yes, it couldn't have happened if 'tone engineers' hadn't decided to go rogue and assemble their own unique flavored variants and bring them to the masses, but it's the willingness from consumers to ditch their trusty pedals and amps and open their eyes, ears, and wallets to these new offering and embrace them and realize the unmeasurable value lurking within these units (as they empower them to find their sonic identities) what has built this market strong. Actually, it is for that reason alone we have decided to start this blog.

We are committed to rave about new gear that is worth talking about. If you have been eagerly trying to find your own tone, but have been living under a rock, then there is no better time than now to be alive, and no better place than here to get started. Follow us as we embark into deep sonic waterways and discuss our findings on the boutique-sphere. You might be presented with the one pedal you have been longing for.

P.S. Start saving some cash. You're gonna need it.


The Event that Started it All

Jared Anderson - Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wildcard Audio's very own Jared Anderson is responsible for starting a concert at The University of Florida's E-Week, a week dedicated to integrating the community of engineering students with the even larger body of students here at UF.

This years E-Week will be taking place February 13-24. Below are excerpts from an article ran by The Independent Florida Alligator, enjoy!

"In your niche of engineering you don't get out much," Anderson said. "With a festival like this, it's not just going to be engineers. We're marketing to anybody, everybody."

The music festival will feature live music from six bands, free carnival food and activities such as rock climbing and carnival games from 5 to 11 p.m. on Saturday at the North Lawn by the Reitz Union.

the Audio Engineering Society is partnering up with Swamp Records and the Benton Engineering Council to host this event, which won the Best Society Social Event of 2013, said Jared Anderson, director of performances for E-Fest.

E-Fest was formerly known as Flavet Fest.

But the name was changed due to the new location, which was chosen to be more central to campus.

Anderson said the event received five times the amount of funding because of the location change.

Nason said E-Week is a celebration of what engineering has accomplished.

E-Fest is an invitation for everyone to come and celebrate.

To read the rest of the story, Click Here

The Gang Solves the Noise Crisis

Jared Anderson - Thursday, August 31, 2017

There are two things local and Wildcard Audio founder Jared Anderson knows more than anybody about his Gainesville Community: $3 PBR tallboys, and the beautiful heartbeat of Downtown.

Unfortunately, this heartbeat doesn't come without it's cost. As with any town, especially a college town, noise can be a serious issue. The same nightlife that is driving some local residents up the wall at night, is the same nightlife that drives local businesses to succeed in an urban war of paying bills and simply trying to stay afloat.

Is there a middle ground, or rather a middle sound? A perfect line to be drawn in the sand that everyone can agree with? Well there better be because both the local residents and the local businesses are what makes this towns heart beat so loud.

As time proceeded, a slew of complaints from Downtown residents led to noise ordinance violations, which led to fines, which only fueled the fire for these businesses to continue "breaking the rules", and ultimately solving nothing. Needless to say, the mud slinging continued.

But like any good story, a hero comes along and saves the day. This stories hero is Jared Anderson - The only man I've ever met whose intentions actually get better with every sip of alcohol he takes. To put things in perspective, he's more of a Christopher Nolan Superhero than that of the Marvel series. He's the kind of guy that will give you his last cigarette, and then call you an Uber home, restoring your faith in humanity. And so the story continues.

Just as David once beat Goliath, now it was Jared's turn to take on the Gainesville City Commission. Equipped with his belt, which only utility was to hold his pants up, and his immense knowledge of sound, Jared was ready for the task at hand. Luckily, Jared didn't stand alone in his quest to solve the noise crisis. At the request of Gainesville Police Department, Jared was able to conduct noise measurements with the help of a professor from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department here at UF.

Together, they were able to push back both the decibel thresholds necessary for a complaint (enough for a good time), and the weekend hours permitted for special events. In one fell swoop, Wildcard Audio's very own Jared Anderson allowed the town's heart to beat a little bit louder, for a little bit longer.

To read more legitimate and professional articles pertaining to the before, and aftermath of the situation, please check out these relevant stories from The Gainesville Sun by clicking on the links below.

Noise Divides Residents and Businesses Downtown