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Lucky Strike

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The Lucky Strike Parallel Distortion Pedal is designed for Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitars. It features 2 parallel distortion circuits; Acoustic Drive and Electric Drive. The Acoustic Drive is a preamp overdrive circuit loaded with warmth and tone, while the Electric Drive features the classic diode clipping circuits of old. The Electric Style switch allows the musician to change between Hard Clipping and Soft Clipping circuits on the Electric Drive side of the parallel distortion. 

For Acoustic Guitars, the Lucky Strike adds a big full warm body to your tone and adds the perfect blend of overtones and thickness to your acoustic guitar sound. With the Electric Drive turned down and the Acoustic Drive between halfway and zero, the Lucky Strike acts as a clean boost preamp allowing the guitarist to plug into any house system without the need for the sound engineer to crank and compress your acoustic.

When using an Electric Guitar, the musician is able to dial in any style of distortion. Want to crunch the house down with some Rock & Roll? Or are you more of a clean, reverb, beachy vibes guitarist? Wildcard has got you covered with the Lucky Strike. Think of the Lucky Strike as the 3 primary colors of the color wheel. Utilizing the mix of Acoustic and Electric Drives, the styles of distortion possibilities are seemingly endless.

Bass Guitarists will also find the Lucky Strike to be quite interesting for their tonal aspirations. The Lucky Strike, when paired with a Bass Guitar, creates a deep driven low-end with surprisingly crisp and crunchy high-end.

The background song was recorded using the Lucky Strike with an Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar.


  • Parallel Distortion between:
    • Preamp Overdrive
    • Clipping Circuits
      • Hard Clipping {Fuzz}
      • Soft Clipping {Tube Screamer-ish}
  • Tone Circuit
  • True Bypass
  • Compatible Instruments:
    • Acoustic Guitars
    • Electric Guitars
    • Bass Guitars
    • Electric Pianos
    • ...and anything else with a 1/4" plug
  • 1/4" Input and Output Jacks
  • Solid & Sturdy Chassis
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Lucky Strike
Lucky StrikeLucky StrikeLucky StrikeLucky Strike
Lucky StrikeLucky StrikeLucky Strike

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