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The RAUX Cord is a small portable device that lets musicians play their Guitar through their Car (or any other AUX Connection). Whether it's on the beach, by the campfire, or on tour with the band, the world is now your stage. Kickstarter begins June 1st!  

Introducing - The RAUX Cord

Play your Guitar through any AUX Connection

In the Car

We just took the boring out of touring. We know you're dreading that 7 hour drive to the next gig, step it up a notch and turn that Sprinter into a Hot Rod! With built-in protection for your car's audio system, the RAUX experience is the best way to enjoy the open road.

At the Beach

No shoes, no shirt, no amp? Take chill time to the next level by pulling your car up and laying down some tasty licks. Whether you're at the beach, by the campfire, or attending a music festival; the world is now your stage.

Pass the RAUX

The RAUX Cord gives a whole new meaning to "Pass the AUX." With the RAUX Cord, you can jam with any audio system that has an AUX Input.

Wildcard Audio

Kickstarter Countdown

We're Live!!!

Kickstarter Timeline

1 June 2018

Kickstarter Start

Help us reach our Kickstarter Goal of $25,000!

30 June 2018

Kickstarter End

Here's to hoping we reach our goal and can start manufacturing!

Sept 2018

Early Bird RAUX Delivery

Be the first to get the RAUX on Kickstarter!

Oct 2018

Standard RAUX Delivery

Party on!


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